Taken to the Stage: The Education of an Actress

25th Anniversary

“I was raised to go to heaven. That was the main thing…” – Mimi Kennedy.

With both humor and savvy, Kennedy reveals the complex and inescapable forces that pushed her onto the stage even as a child. Born into an eccentric but practicing Irish-Catholic family, a young Mimi dreamed of becoming an actress or a saint. She turned to the stage as a place to live passionately without consequences, but sex and ambition ruined her chances at canonization and she traded heaven for earthly pursuits.

A must read for those considering a career in performing. 

Mimi Kennedy, “TAKEN TO THE STAGE: The Education of an Actress,”
Title page image: The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson appearance.

“While attending parochial school in upstate New York, Kennedy formed a lofty goal: to join her beloved saints in heaven by way of Broadway. As she explains in her good-humored, vivacious, combined growing-up-catholic/showbiz memoir, she embraced the theater because it was spiritually safe, a place where she could act out earthly  temptations without endangering her soul…grace and joy—qualities in abundance in this spirited reminiscence.” – Publishers Weekly.

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“Anyone who has ever dreamed of acting must read this book. In fact, anyone who has ever acted must read it. Mimi Kennedy is hilarious, acute, sympathetic, and a genuine daughter of the theater. This is one of those great theatrical memoirs!” – WENDY WASSERSTEIN, Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award Winning Playwright

“I loved Mimi’s book! She is a wonderful and original voice and I hope to play her in the movie!” – TERRI GARR

“When I first met Mimi Kennedy and heard her talk, I knew I had met a philosopher…not just an actress. I am delighted that she has written a book and recommend it highly.” – ABIGAIL VAN BUREN

Mimi Kennedy in 2021 recording the audio version of “Taken to the Stage: The Education of an Actress.”

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