How One Photo Changed the World

It’s the 50th anniversary (6/8/72) of the photo that helped end the Vietnam war. There are two recent articles that I really want to call your attention to.

One is in The New York Times, it’s an op-ed by the subject of the photo, Kim Phuc. The title of the op-ed is “I’m Not the Napalm Girl Anymore.”

The other is by AP Photographer Nick Ut who was behind the lens that day. He won the Pulitzer Prize for that photo, I think he would give away his Pulitzer Prize easily if it could mean he never had taken that photograph and that that had never happened.

But you will see in these articles that after he took the photograph, Nick put down his camera. He covered her with his coat and took her to the hospital. 

Let’s do whatever we can to increase the peace in our hearts, our neighborhoods and our countries.

-Mimi Kennedy

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