In honor of Christmas I wanted to share with you clips from A CHRISTMAS CAROL. More specifically one of the greatest fictional characters of all time, Ebenezer Scrooge as portrayed by Alastair Sim (1951) and George C. Scott (1984). Comparisons are odious. But it’s fun to watch two great actors embodying one of the greatest fictional characters of all time. 

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Love, Mimi

Let us start with the famous Jacob Marley scene.

Alastair Sim, in my opinion is the best Scrooge ever! His supporting cast, especially Cratchit (Mervyn Johns) and the ghosts are thrillingly good!

Here is George C. Scott in the same scene – he is brilliant and in my opinion, is definitely a close second to Sim. The whole production, being in color and 1984, not 1951 is quite enchanting, whereas the Sim version is thrillingly dark.

Here is Alastair’s wake-up scene on Christmas Day. This, along with the Marley scene, is the definitive challenge for a great Scrooge!

Here is George C. Scott’s wake-up scene on Christmas Day as Scrooge. Again, masterfully acted.


George C. Scott’s more ostensibly affable Scrooge – a reasonable businessman, a Trumpian libertarian, if you please….

Alastair Sim again. To me, nobody beats him at “Are there no prisons?”

Charles Dickens understood that humans’ biggest threat, for all time, is our uncaring towards what happens to children who are born, and grow, in desperation – “Want” – and neglect of their mental development – “Ignorance.”  This vision is one that cuts to the core of even Scrooge’s selfish greed and self-satisfied isolation. 

Merry Christmas


For a performer there is no greater gift than the reaction of the audience. I love connecting with all of you on social media and I wanted to give a gift to YOU this holiday season. 

For this Giveaway there are no real rules, except for having to comply with the rules of the social media sites:

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Starting Monday, December 3rd and ending on Friday, December 7th I will be sharing clips and antidotes from the films: “In the Loop” & “Midnight in Paris ” on my OFFICIAL social media accounts. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

I will be reviewing and answering comments, maybe I’ll even ask some trivia!

I’ll announce two winners on Monday, December 10th.  

1-Winner: Mimi Kennedy Autographed Copy of “Midnight in Paris”

1-Winner: Mimi Kennedy Autographed Copy of “In the Loop”

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Gift includes a ceramic watermelon mug, an insulated bag with watermelon print, and a pair of Marjorie approved socks featuring a cat hula hooping.




On Feb. 20, 2011, Progressive Democrats of America founder Tim Carpenter led us to the Arizona-Mexico border for a prayer/song vigil with activists on both sides of the chain link fence. PDA-AZ leaders Dan O’Neal and Virginia Hauflaire look on as I film with my new, exciting “FLIP” camera (remember those? Preceded camera-ready cell phones.) Tim asks Arizona activists Dave Keeler “Who was the congressman who voted against the Mexican-American war in 1848?” Dave answers correctly, “Abraham Lincoln.” PDA activists know their American history. (Tim goes on to talk about Emerson visiting Thoreau in jail and asking “What are you doing in there?” and Thoreau responds, “What are YOU doing out THERE?” The vigil was a memorial – held weekly by communities in Bisbee and elsewhere – to pray for the immigrants who have lost their lives in the desert, trying to get to freedom. My great-grandfather fled famine in Ireland in 1848. At the time, Irish were hated by Americans whose families had got here earlier (the original inhabitants’ voices were already, for the most part, silenced.) They were considered drunks, thieves, and hopeless as Americans because they’d always give their first allegiance to the Catholic Church, not to the United States. Now of course they dominate the Supreme Court. Immigrants are diverse in views, languages, culture. When America lives by its principles that all are created equal, endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, we become that melting pot of a rich, nourishing culture that sustains all of our children and makes us a beacon of hope. It’s a choice to reject The Other. It’s a sin to be as cruel as this Administration is to desperate people who have walked hundreds, thousands of miles fleeing persecution and terror. The choice to welcome, to learn from, is where we have to go. Here’s some American history we must also learn and remember: US militarism armed both sides in Central American civil wars. The resentments and vengeance go on. So do stories of love and birth. Brave people who want a future come to America to flee the death that one side or the other, with American guns, promises to deliver to them if they don’t comply with whatever they’re asked to do: comply with rape, murder, robbery.

There is a moral way. It does not mean the vanquishing of a culture Americans have learned to love; but it does mean stretching, accepting, learning, and changing. That’s human life, and it can be beautiful.


Mimi Kennedy

PDA National Board
Election Integrity Team, Leadership
Follow on Twitter @mimikennedyla




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