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Mid-Life Memoir, Taken to the Stage.

Fans of Mimi Kennedy’s work (MOM, DHARMA & GREG) will love reading about the early days of her life and acting career.

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Taken to the Stage Autographed



Taken to the stage excerpt

Autographed Copy “TAKEN TO THE STAGE: THE EDUCATION OF AN ACTRESS” by Mimi Kennedy. (1996)

“I was raised to go to heaven. That was the main thing…” With both humor and saavy, Ms. Kennedy reveals the complex and inescapable forces that pushed her onto the stage even as a child. Born into an eccentric but practicing Irish-Catholic family, a young Mimi dreamed of becoming an actress or a saint. She turned to the stage as a place to live passionately without consequences, but sex and ambition ruined her chances at canonization and she traded heaven for earthly pursuits. A must read for those considering a career in performing. Note: Shipping within the United States Included in price. Bookseller is Maple Seed Creative and this will be the name on your receipt. For Shipping outside of the USA please email for information.